Founded in 1999, we have a history of delivering innovative and effective web sites and web applications. Although much of our work is has been centred on the entertainment business, we have a broad portfolio spanning many industries both large and small.

The XYi Digital Solutions team have completed successful projects for many major entertainment companies including EMI, Universal Pictures, FilmFour, Universal Music, Sony, Paramount, Warner, FilmFlex, Filmbank, HMV, Iron Maiden and the Metrodome Group, as well as trade bodies including the Film British Film Council, the British Film Institute and the Music Publishers Association.

We pioneered a number of on-line marketing and reporting tools for our clients including digital asset management systems, media intranets, on-line ordering and approval systems, digital press offices, and film screening reporting tools. In short, we have used the connected power of the internet to make business work a little more smoothly.

We now work with the Drupal content management framework which allows us to get complicated web sites up and running fast. The Drupal library enables us to store and manipulate data and media assets in powerful ways.....and at a very reasonable price.

Our latest projects have been exploring Geolocations, Responsive layouts and Transactional Video Streaming. They will surely lead us forward to many more years of incredible innovation in this wonderful connected world.

Please view our work to date. We are proud of it.